Nations with jurisdictional members

The jurisdictions below have entered into relationship with the Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain, as the church descended from Archbishop Mathew. They also have a historic link to Old Roman Catholicism. Their inclusion here recognizes each jurisdiction’s right of governance without subordination to the British Church or complete uniformity in areas of doctrine or liturgy. They are included here because of their relationship to the British Church and may not have an individual relationship with each other.


The Old Roman Catholic Church English Rite

Primate: Most Reverend Floyd Kortenhof | Headquarters: Chicago, IL

The Old Roman Catholic Church in Great Britain

Primate: Most Reverend Douglas Lewins, SSM | Headquarters: Norwich, Norfolk | www.oldromancatholic.org.uk

The Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite

Primate: Most Reverend George Roberts | Headquarters: Ottawa, ON


The Priestly Society of Mercy

An Old Roman Catholic inter-jurisdictional society of apostolic life. Members are from the Old Roman Catholic tradition.

Superior General: Most Reverend William Myers, SSM | Headquarters: Louisville, KY | www.ssmercy.org